The only one standing in your way, is you. Through changing your thoughts you can change your life…

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The way I work

Online Consultations

Consultations are via audio-call, video-call, chat or email – depending on what feels most comfortable for you. Consultations are offered in English and German.

Free Initial Consultation

In our first consultation you give me an overview about yourself, so that we can find the right treatment method individually for you.

Therapy Methods

Subconscious-mind & mindfulness: Through working with the subconscious-mind and mindfulness, I will show you a bigger picture of yourself. I will also explain you how your mind and body work, so that you understand where your condition is coming from and learn how to help yourself.


Because of my holistic therapy, we can find the right approach for every age-group and complaint.

Main Treatment Areas

Addictions, anxiety, depression, difficult times, eating disorders, emotional disorders,  life coaching, mental training, grief, marriage counselling, physical pain, psychosomatic diseases (psoriasis, skin diseases, headache etc.), self-perception, sexuality, relationship problems in and outside the family.

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About Me

Pia Klaus, MSc. Psychologist

Specialised in subconscious-mind & mindfulness


Mindfulness may have become mainstream but it is often misunderstood. Posted in Psychology Today, Jan 19, 2018 By: Danny Penman Ph.D. In 2010, when Mark and I were coming up with the title for our book, Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World, we were met with blank incomprehension. Almost everyone would say: ‘Mindfulness? What the hell is… Read More

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This Video was posted on youtube, June 23, 2018, by Absolute Motivation. Here is the Link  

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Is This Tension Real or Are You Just Projecting? WE ALL PROJECT AT TIMES, BUT IT’S NOT ALWAYS OBVIOUS WHEN YOUR OWN “STUFF” IS CAUSING THE CONFLICT. By Meghan Rabbitt Published on October 23, 2015, in Sonima Source Everyone’s reality is different, we know. But what does that mean, really? For famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung… Read More

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Dank Frau Klaus kann ich meinen Alltag nun mit Leichtigkeit geniessen. Ich fühle mich endlich wieder wohl in meiner Haut.

Meine Partnerschaft ist wieder neu aufgeblüht. Mein Mann und ich sind nun auf einer tieferen Ebene verbunden und wir haben gelernt auf lievbevolle Art und Weise miteinander zu kommunizieren und umzugehen. Wir wollen unsere Liebe mit einer erneuten Trauung an unserem zehnjährigem Jubiläum feiern.

I learned how to deal with my anxiety and emotions. I am finally back feeling like myself again.

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