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Your only limit is you. Through changing your thoughts, you change your life.




Online Consultations

Online Consultations are via Skype video, phone, secure chat or email – If you like you can stay anonymous. Consultations are also offered in English or German.

Free Phone Consultation

In the first free 20 minute phone Consultation we have a chat about everything and find out if this therapy is right for you and suit your needs.

Therapy Methods

I work with the Subconscious Mind and mindfulness, which is a modern therapy approach that combines the works of mind, body and energy.  Read More…

Direct Appointments

Contact via email or give me a call to book your appointment today. Appointments are available daily and advance bookings are welcome.

Main Treatment Areas

Anxiety, depression, eating disorders, life challenges, psychosomatic diseases, self-doubts, overthinking, relationship problems, stress, trauma 

Target – Groups

This therapy is suited for adolescents and adults who want to take over their mind and emotions and live life to the fullest!


About Me ...

About Me

Pia Klaus, MSc.

- Master of Science in Psychology - Specialised in Subconscious Mind and Mindfulness - CEO of Mindful Psychology - Author


An expectation is to have an imaginative construct in our own mind, where we map out the desired outcome of a situation, or perhaps we place an expectation on another to become someone we think they should be, or to behave in certain way. By having developed this mental story or judgment we automatically attach… Read More

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Mindful Psychology intro video

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Luckily science has been increasingly backing up the positive ways in which body and mind respond to nature. I am sure there are even more benefits than we know so far, but here is the latest research update: – Better moods positively correlates with an increase exposure to sunlight – Spending time in nature increases… Read More

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Ich habe meine Lebensfreude wiedergefunden und gelernt mir selbst zu helfen. Ich hatte keine Lebenslust mehr und so viele Ängste. Frau Klaus zeigte mir, wodurch meine Ängste zustandekommen, wie ich über sie hinwegkomme und wie ich mich selbst aufbaue. Mir geht es besser als je zuvor.

I have never felt so free before. Life is exciting and enjoyable again. Mrs. Klaus showed me how to let go of my family history and how to put myself first.

I learned how to deal with my anxiety and emotions. I finally feel like myself again.

Dank Frau Klaus kann ich meinen Alltag nun mit Leichtigkeit genießen. Ich fühle mich endlich wieder wohl in meiner Haut und ich weiß in welche Richtung ich gehen möchte.

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