About Me

Through changing your thoughts you change your life

Hey, I’m Pia  

This is my story… 

When I was diagnosed with an “incurable” autoimmun disease, which conventional western medicine didn’t know how to treat, I basically had no other choice but to try the eastern and holistic medicine to survive. I found my cure through mindfulness and the self-healing power of the subconscious mind. 

That’s how I started my research about the subconscious mind and mindfulness. After I published my scientific book about the effect of mindfulness on our well-being, I specialised in the most effective therapeutic techniques of reprogramming the subconscious mind. In easy words: I specialised in how we free ourselves from all our pain and worries – fast, simple and longterm. 

I am born in Hamburg Germany, but I feel at home in the mountains and by the ocean. I lived in Germany, Canada and Austria. Now I am located in Byron Bay, Australia. Besides helping people to heal themselves, I love snowboarding, surfing and nature.

My Education

    • Master of Science in Psychology, University of Innsbruck (Austria)
    • Rapid Transformational Therapy, Marisa Peer (Australia)
    • Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University UMIT (Austria)
    • Think Practitioner, Thetahealing Institute Of Knowledge (Australia) 
    • Family Constellations, Psychology of Vision (Germany & Switzerland)
    • Mental Training, University of Innsbruck ( Austria) 
    • Advanced Mindfulness Workshops, Graceful Living (India)

    What is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) ? Watch this video

My Experience

  • Opening my Online Praxis for Online Counselling & Rapid Transformational Therapy (Worldwide)
  • Online Counselling at mentavio and myonlinetherapie, (Germany & Austria) 
  • Leading position: Youth Centre Serfaus (Austria)
  • Volunteer: Byron Bay Youth Activity Centre (Australia)
  • Therapy with horses for children  (Austria)
  • I published a scientific study and book about the effect of mindfulness on our general well-being (Austria)
  • Intern: psychological nursing service for mental disabilities (Austria)

"I have never felt so free before. Life is exciting and enjoyable again. Mrs. Klaus showed me how to let go of my family history and how to put myself first.."

Client: Age 34

"Ich habe meine Lebensfreude wiedergefunden und gelernt mir selbst zu helfen. Ich hatte keine Lebenslust mehr und so viele Ängste. Frau Klaus zeigte mir, wodurch meine Ängste zustandekommen, wie ich über sie hinwegkomme und wie ich mich selbst aufbaue. Mir geht es besser als je zuvor."

Client: Age 27

"I learned how to deal with my anxiety and emotions. I finally feel like myself again."

Client: Age 36