How to deal with negative emotions
How to deal with negative emotions

How to deal with negative emotions…

How to change negative emotions, we have to become aware of them. On a subconscious level we often tend to suppress our negative emotions. Since we are scared of feeling uncomfortable, vulnerable or weak. Especially when we have really high self-expectations or want to be strong. 

Every feeling that we suppress becomes stronger, so pay attention to whatever comes up and accept it. Sometimes negative emotions automatically change by being aware of them and experiencing them.

Our emotions are here for a reason, to change them we need to find the root cause of them.

Ask yourself why you feel the way you do? 

What is the cause of your negative feeling?  

Become aware of it, accept it and feel it. 

When you ask yourself those questions and feel into yourself, you have two options to transform the negative emotion: 

  1. If you can’t change the cause or situation, you can change your attitude and thoughts about it. 
  2. If you can take control of the cause and you are able to change the situation, then take action.

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